Videography in La Crosse Wisconsin: The Heart of the Heartland

Cine1 Productions is a video production company based in La Crosse Wisconsin providing creative insights and visual services for a variety of client’s needs. Drone footage from a licensed drone pilot, reliable video for Legal Depositions throughout the Midwest, cinematic production values for commercial projects can all be found with Cine1 Productions.

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Drone Footage




Great ideas begin with modest thoughts

Professional Cinematography

Getting Your Shot

Storytelling is no longer the forte of campfires and yarns spun by grandparents.  With Cine1 Productions, today’s storytelling is vibrant and stirring with cinematic productions values, innovative vision and heart born and bred in the Heartland.  



Urban setting, Mississippi bluff vistas, old growth forest hiking and biking trails, the La Crosse WI filmmaking experience has the features nearly any film or video project needs.  Cine1 Productions combines the technical with technique to complete your vision.

Drones are amazingly versatile tools; they can provide aerial inspections for towers, bridges or buildings, capture beautiful vistas and shots for a film project or take land surveys for Real Estate transactions.  Like any tool, a drone is only as effective as the operator.

An unlicensed drone pilot can place their client in the direct path of liability if an accident occurs or FAA airspace is violated.  Having a licensed drone pilot who knows the ins and outs of how to file legal paperwork, is familiar with restricted and accessible airspace and can also shoot great looking footage to complete your project is another thing all together.

Protecting You With A Licensed UAV Pilot

Every year there's more legislation governing the operation of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in an effort to maintain public safety and preserve our privacy. Only a licensed UAV Pilot can make sure the footage you want is filmed legally and safely.

We Keep Up With The Regulations

Video Depositions Throughout the Midwest

We work with the court reporter and your chosen venue throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois to be certain all details for your legal depositions is covered.  We’ll look at the power concerns, camera angles and cable runs so you can concentrate on your deposition. Our goal is to not be noticed by anyone; not the deponent or the attorneys.  Having back up cameras and recording sources running at the same time means you won’t have to reschedule anything due to equipment troubles.

Protecting Your Info

All retained copies of Video Depositions are kept off site in a secured fashion for 5 years so you can be certain your data is secure and safe.


The facts of the case are yours, not ours. It’s not our job to relay details, offer opinions on testimony or discuss any aspect of what we record or hear with anyone. Discretion and professionalism are important to us and we protect our reputation by protecting your information.

It’s not about what we want to do. It’s not about camera angles, gimbal movements, drone shots or other techniques; unless that’s what you want. What’s important to us is what’s compelling. If simplicity is what makes your commercial the most effective, elementary and uncomplicated is the path we will follow.

And if epic is what you want, well, we’re game for that too…

At the heart of every corporate training project, new product release or promotion is a message someone is trying to communicate. At Cine1 Productions, we work with our clients to  craft a story worthy of your passion, vision and commitment.

And if epic is what you want, well, we’re game for that too…

“I was impressed with Todd at Cine1 Productions from start to finish. He went above and beyond to serve. Todd is meticulous at ensuring the sound,  lighting, and overall atmosphere is just right.  He took the time to understand the mission and vision in order to convey the true essence of my business. His professionalism, responsiveness throughout the process, and his guidance and suggestions in the editing phase was invaluable. I highly recommend Cine1 Productions without hesitation!”


Carolyn Colleen

Author of F.I.E.R.C.E

Coach and Speaker


“I love working with Todd! He is so amazing at capturing the energy and essence of my business and portraying that perfectly through film! His eye for detail is incredible. He is so passionate about what he does and brings inspiring energy to any project!”


Stephanie Helmers

Owner & Instructor Zen and Pow Studios 

Onalaska WI

Wisconsin MMA fighter

“Todd created a couple wonderful videos of our JDRF Ride To Cure Diabetes events in La Crosse. He did the research on the event, asked questions, filmed a great variety of angles, used drone video, added terrific voice narratives and professionally produced the videos that we're proud to share and spread our message. Love the final product! I highly recommend Cine1 Productions and Todd Olson for any memorable special event you want to capture!”


Mike Crowley, Coach

JDRF Ride To Cure Diabetes

“Todd has excellent camera skills and Lisa makes the interview seem like a natural conversation. Of all the footage taken, they did a great job editing and the final video flowed seamlessly between scenes.  I would work with them again and highly recommend their work."


Kristine Beck


“Working with Todd, the owner of Cine1 productions, was completely seamless. He helped us with a new logo & made a video all within a few days. Cine1 Productions actually gave me faith back into the advertising world.

“We are still receiving tons of compliments on that video with people wanting to know who made it for me. I actually can't wait to open my Apple Stand so Todd can make us a new video.

Thanks for the excellent customer service.”


Lori Bauer

Owner of The Longhorn Valley Greenhouse

“Slow no Wake couldn’t be happier with the production that Cine 1 has done for us. Todd is a true pro when it comes to video production.”


Ryan Torgerson

of the band Slow No Wake in La Crosse WI

“I was impressed with Todd Olson the first time we met.  I am confident our paths crossed for a reason.  Working with Todd to record video was fun and resulted in a true reflection of what SimpleSteps is all about. I look forward to working again with Todd and highly recommend Cine1 Productions!”


Kathy Helgersen

Simple Steps to Technology